Keep K163 Going


The Newport Workshop Open Day was a remarkable weekend, K163 performed spectacularly and wowed the crows alongside resident Steamrail locomotive. A huge thank you to Steam Rail Victoria for hosting a remarkable event, which should be on the calendar of every Victorian!
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A few words from our project manager Rod:
“K163 performed admirably during the Newport Workshop Open Days, including a number of runs on the demonstration goods train double heading with 1889 vintage Y112, A2 986, sisters K153 and K190.

The Open Days were a major success with over 6,000 people in attendance enjoying heritage railway preservation at it’s finest in Victoria.
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Since the Open Day preparations for stripping K163 are well underway with all motion gear, brake rigging, horn stays being disassembled. Hopefully the engine will be lifted from its wheels within the next week to start the detailed assessments and repair work.

Further support would be greatly appreciated as our volunteers will be continuing to work in relative isolation despite the outbreak in COVID-19.

We thank every contributor for their kind donation, we are just beginning this journey and every bit helps!