Keep K163 Going

Lift Day

After the repairs to K163s axleboxes were completed, with the help of Steamrail Victoria’s Mechanical department, we were able to lift the engine back onto it’s wheelsets.

This is quite a difficult task, as all 8 axleboxes and the pony truck need be lined up within the horns at the same time. The axlebox wedges having been built up to new size, now only allow a small clearance to slip the boxes into. Once this delicate task is complete and all axleboxes are started in the horns, then the next step is to align the spring hangers (16) into the reconditioned driving wheelset springs.

Then, once the engine is fully home and sitting on the gibb cotters, the team can breath a sign of relief. Next steps involve fitment of the axlebox horn keeps, securing the pony truck locking plates, adjustment of all the axlebox wedges over the pit. We appreciate everyone’s continued support and will share future updates as works progress towards completion. Image 1 & 3 with thanks Matt Oaten VR.

All Done.