Keep K163 Going

General Update – Back at Newport

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, the Newport workshops have been able to reopen so that our volunteers can restart works on K163 recently.

Above: With the A2 stabled beside K163 in 5 road, Bernd couldn’t help himself!

With several months working from home, it will take a couple of weeks to get back into the full swing of things and regain momentum. However, this weekend we had our first day back and managed to complete a few minor jobs ‘on the list’:

  1. Reassembly of the smokebox baffles and spark arrestor grids after the boiler inspection,
  2. Repacking of the cross-compound air compressor glands (air-side),
  3. Started repairs to the firebox treadle plate which has come loose in the cab floor (this will require some minor wood working repairs to re-secure by our Moorooduc Carriage Team),

While we await the completion of the axleboxes and coupling rods (required to rewheel the engine) we will take advantage of this opportunity to work our way through the list of little jobs, which build up while the locomotive is in operation.

In the coming weeks the brake rigging will be returned to Newport after rebushing and overhaul of pins back at Moorooduc (now complete). Some of the other jobs on the list include:

  1. Repairs to firebox cleading,
  2. Grinding of piston rod (F/S) to restore surface finish and minimise gland leakage,
  3. Changeover of M3 Feed and Pressure reducing valves (overhaul/cleaning completed off site),

We are hoping to be able to start the reassembly of major components early in the New Year when they are ready.

As always, we appreciated the continued support received from the community and encourage anyone that can, to donate and help keep this project ticking along and Keep K163 Going.

Above: The baffles installed behind the table plate to direct the flue gas and cinders under the table plate.
Above: The spark arrestor grids back in (some plugging can be seen which was cleaned also)
Above: the floor board which has split will be replaced so that the treadle place can be secured back to the floor. The large hole allows access to the draw bar pin (engine-tender connection).
Above: The air actuation valve below the treadle plate was cleaned out and otherwise is in good condition (aside from the floor repairs mentioned).