Keep K163 Going

Keep K163 Going – March 2022


In February some major milestones were achieved on K163.

Following all the works, it is required that all wheel loads (force applied to the track) were checked to ensure the suspension and compensating systems were functioning properly. Fortunately, the Newport railway workshops has the original Victorian Railways locomotive weighbridge of 1912 vintage, still in operational condition. Initially when our locomotive was weighed we found that the pony truck was light and the leading driven wheelset was heavy. Visually the locomotive was also ‘’nose down” prior to this mechanical overhaul. Fortunately there is provision for adjusting this, on the main pony truck center pin with the provision of spacers. K163 already had two spaces (1x ½” and 1x ¼”) so the engine was jacked up, the pony truck cap removed, ¼” spacer was then changed out for a ½” spacer. The following weekend the locomotive was weighed again, confirming that the adjustment was successful at balancing the weights across the entire locomotive.

Another milestone achieved was the successful passing of the boiler inspection/certification under the supervision of our boiler inspector. This means we have another 12 months of operation before the next inspection/certification is required. With the inspection being completed some test running has occurred. So far these have all be successful with minor faults only having to be addressed such as leaking glands, sticking cylinder cocks, leaking check valve and some brake adjustments all of which have now been attended to.

The next step is for the locomotive to have it’s independent rail worthy inspection/certification ahead of operation at the Newport workshops Open Days across the March Labour Day long weekend.

Thanks again for your continued support.