Keep K163 Going

Axlebox Wedges

Ahead of the receiving axleboxes from our contractor, some corrective work has been undertaken on the axlebox wedges, the axlebox wedges are a wearing component which allows compensation between the axleboxes and the frame horns while the loco traverses the track.  The wedges on K163 were almost at the limit of full travel. 

Thanks to Simon for his expert tradesman skills building up and then machining the wedges. Now that we have built them up and machined them back we have restored full travel, which should last us 30 + years with the amount of running K163 would be expected to do. 

Another day at Newport was required to fit up the axlebox wedges to the frame horns.

ALOT of Nickle Antisieze has been used with the reassembly to avoid problems in the future, that we previously had, preventing adjustment. The new T bolts were sitting slightly proud (<1/16”) and have been taken out for tweaking in the lathe and fitted the following week.