Keep K163 Going


February 2022 Update

With the major components now reassembled, it was time to shunt the locomotive out of the workshop and over the pit for adjustments to axlebox wedge clearances. This was also a great opportunity to show off the locomotive’s new paint job.

Rodney and Robert adjust the Axle box wedges over the pit.

Initially when the project was scoped up, we had no intention to repaint the engine &/or tender. However when we coupled the tender back up after the engine was lifted back onto its wheels, we filled the tender tank with water and discovered some leaks which needed to be attended. The tender tank repairs involved a lot of hot work (welding, grinding) which destroyed the already degrading paint job. So our volunteer team sanded back the tender tank and repainted it. Once the tender had been done, it looked so well, it made the remaining paint job of the engine (boiler, cab particularly) look very poor. So, the decision was made to repaint the engine as well. I hope you agree, the result looks very satisfactory.

Next steps is to weigh the engine & tender to check and adjust the axle loading, if required.

K163 Emerging from Newport Workshop under tow 29/01/2022.

Side on of the entire K163 29/01/2022.