Keep K163 Going

Fitting Boxes to Horns

The project has continued with the task of fitting axleboxes to frame horns. This task required our team to remove the horn keeps and fit the axleboxes in the horn. All axleboxes were tested with only minor corrective works required on the trailing axlebox wedges, these minor works will be completed mid week, preparation of the next stage

Axlebox keeps removed prior to fitting of Axleboxes

The axlebox wedge adjusting bolt and keeps were then re-fitted to the engine. Copious quantities of Nickle based Anti-seize was used to hopefully prevent these from seizing up in the future, as they had been

Axlebox fitted to frames

Axlebox cellars were also thoroughly cleaned in preparation of assembly and laid out next to the corresponding axlebox in preparation for assembly with the wool pads next week.

Measurements being taken on horn faces

The next major task will be the assembly of axleboxes on wheelsets, with the packing of wool pads (to the correct tension) and replacement of the trimmings and felts.