Keep K163 Going

December Update – 2021

Since we have got the November update uploaded, progress on K163 has continued to be made.

With assistance of the highly skilled Fabracobblers team we have now completed the adjustment and fitment of coupling rods. All 6 coupling rods have now been successfully test fitted to the engine. All that remains is for them to be removed for cleaning, non-destructive testing (magnetic particle) to check for any flaws and then polishing now.

The eccentric return cranks have been fitted and measurements completed to enable the machining of the big end bearings to be completed next offsite. Once the big end bearings are machined, all that remains before we can start testing/commissioning is to fit the connecting rods, set the piston clearances and get the loco in steam for weighing of the heritage listed Newport railway workshops weighbridge..

While the mechanical work has continued, a lot of progress has been made painting, cleaning and polishing the locomotive. We have also recently replaced the timber boards for the steps which were starting to suffer from wood rot.

As always, we sincerely appreciate everyone’s support to bring K163 back into service during early 2022. Your continued support would be greatly appreciated!